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Letting property at an end of tenancy can be stressful. After all, mortgages don’t pay for themselves and if you’re a landlord an empty property often means an empty wallet! Likewise, if you’re a letting agent in a competitive market an empty flat is not good for business.

If you’re advertising, carrying out repairs, arranging and attending viewings and yet the property remains vacant, it could be time to consider taking on board some end of tenancy cleaning tips to give it that extra appeal.

A few simple end of tenancy cleaning tips can have your property looking brighter and more attractive to prospective tenants in no time. In this article I’ll reveal five cost effective end of tenancy cleaning tips to freshen up those forgotten areas.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Easy Letting

 1. Deep Clean Carpets

carpet cleaner on carpetAt an end of tenancy if your property has carpets they’re probably home to all kinds of dirt and grime. A recent Rug Doctor study on carpets revealed 44% of people have never deep cleaned their carpets. Dust mites, bacteria, mould spores, pollens, allergens, organic materials and dead skin are just a few nasty’s found in carpets not cleaned regularly.

Carpets soak up smells from cooking and damp, creating nasty odours. Cleaning carpets improves appearance, neutralises odours and helps extend their life too.

There are different ways to clean carpets, but one of our end of tenancy cleaning tips for carpets is to use a water extraction machine. These can be hired from most trade hire stores and is a cost effective way to freshen up those carpets.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Carpet Cleaning:
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets.
  • Apply pre-spray to heavily trafficked or stained areas.
  • Use machine to spray a mixture of water and solution on carpet (according to manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Use machines cleaning wand to agitate and vacuum the solution (reduces drying time).
  • Wait for carpet to dry.

Machines can be hired for £35 or less a weekend and the solution for one property will probably be under £10 depending on brand.

Of course, collecting and transporting the machine (10kg+) and doing the work your self will take a few hours of effort. If you’re short on time or motivation there are many cleaning companies offering carpet cleaning services.

For serious stains and heavily soiled carpets an alternative to new carpets is to call a specialist carpet cleaning company. The best ones use big, powerful machines not always available for hire. These further penetrate carpet fibres during cleaning, but with such a deep clean comes a cost.

If your carpets are averagely soiled or just need a freshen up, some cleaning companies such as Crystal Broom can provide a carpet cleaning service using equipment similar to that available for hire. At around £55 for a 1 Bedroom flat it’s an affordable alternative to doing the work yourself!

 2. Clean Kitchen (including the Oven!)

It is vital kitchens are cleaned before viewings. People cook meals here and it should be sparkling clean to not be instantly off-putting. In addition to removing all food and cleaning the fridge, freezer, microwave and cupboards it’s important to clean your oven as well.

dirty oven chamber before cleaning

From This

oven cleaned using end of tenancy cleaning tips

To This

There are plenty of oven cleaners available but most will have limited effectiveness on ovens with crude leftovers and carbon deposits, which is often the case at an end of tenancy. Homemade greener methods often have to be left overnight so are not much use either if time is a factor. To get rid of all carbon deposits and make the oven look new and shiny in just 2-3 hours (depending on oven) try out these end of tenancy cleaning tips for ovens.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Ovens:
  • Remove oven door (most have quick release catches) to allow easier cleaning.
  • Powerful cleaners can be bought that include a bag for placing racks in. Leave for a few hours to allow chemicals to take effect (always follow instructions included).
  • Before applying oven cleaner use oven scrapers and steel scouring pads with a little degreaser to remove baked on food and carbon from the oven chamber.
  • Preheating the oven to between 50 & 80 degrees Celsius before cleaning will make the oven cleaner more effective.
  • Turn off the oven at mains whilst cleaning & take care around fans and heating elements etc.
  • Once the oven cleaner has been wiped out clean the oven with a wet micro fibre cloth and then shine up with a dry one.
  • To clean doors spray with degreaser and after an hour or so any grime should slide off using scrapers and scouring pads.
  • Use glass cleaner to shine up the glass and stainless steel polisher on the exterior.
  • Cotton Buds and steam cleaners are useful for those last nooks and crannies.
  • Scrapers, steel scourers and wire brushes can be used for any last deposits on racks.
  • Leave the oven door half open to show off that shiny oven!

It should be noted that this method involves some hard graft so it’s not for the faint hearted. But for a sparkling oven that really impresses I’ve found it has great results.

If it sounds like too much hard work, professional oven cleaning services can be hired with the main difference being a dip tank is used for cleaning racks.

If you are hiring someone to do the work one of our end of tenancy cleaning tips is to look for company’s offering oven cleans as part of end of tenancy cleaning packages, allowing more than just the oven to be cleaned in the same visit.

3. Clean Bathroom & Steam Clean Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tiles after end of tenancy cleaning

Nothing beats a dirty bathroom for turning tenant’s noses up at a property. They’re also a breeding ground for bacteria such as Serratia marcescens. On top of cleaning toilet bowls, sinks and bathtubs, cleaning tiles is what can really make a difference. Tile and grout cleaning is often overlooked due to the hard work involved but with the use of a steam cleaner it can be quick and easy.

My end of tenancy cleaning tips for quickly restoring bathroom tiles are:

  • Use a good quality steam cleaner with high pressure and capable of reaching high temperatures.
  • Use the attachable brushes as there great for cleaning grout.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner they’re relatively inexpensive to buy but beware of cheap models. The steam won’t be hot enough or high enough pressured to clean the grimiest of tiles.

Otherwise, professional end of tenancy cleaners can provide steam cleaning of tiles in their services.

4.Wipe Skirting Boards, Doors & Light Switches

doors and skirting boards after end of tenancy cleaning

Skirting boards and doors are prone to picking up dirt, dust, stains and finger marks and all of which are off putting to potential tenants. They can be easily cleaned using warm water and multi-purpose cleaning spray and will certainly brighten up the property before viewings.

Of course, all the end of tenancy cleaning tips in the world can only help you clean dirt. Chipped and discoloured paint will require painting to really appeal to people.

Although not the most time consuming of tasks, a cleaning company will clean these during their deep cleaning or end of tenancy cleans.

5. Clean Interior of Windows

clean window interiors with natural lightNobody wants to live in a dark and dingy home. Ensure you maximise all available natural light to brighten up your property by cleaning all windows. Micro fibre cloths are great for the job.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Windows:
  • Wipe windows with a wet cloth and a small amount of glass cleaner.
  • Take a dry cloth and wipe until windows are crystal clear.
  • Sort any mould spots with a tiny spot of bleach or mould removal spray.

Remember that many cleaning chemicals are hazardous so always wear gloves and protect yourself from fumes.

If cleaning windows isn’t your thing then many cleaning companies include interior window cleaning as part of their end of tenancy cleaning services.

Following these five end of tenancy cleaning tips will leave a much fresher property with more visual appeal to would be tenants. It may also be worth retaking any advertising photos and make use of that natural light to show off the new found cleanliness. Once you clean up the property using these five end of tenancy cleaning tips and you have nice photos you’re ready to start advertising for that lucky new tenant!

Of course if you’d rather spend that time with friends and family, don’t have the time or simply can’t face cleaning, help is always at hand with a reliable cleaning company that offers end of tenancy cleaning services.

Crystal Broom provides end of tenancy cleaning services in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Carpet cleaning and oven cleaning can be carried out if required during end of tenancy cleans and will ensure all the end of tenancy cleaning tips discussed above are all put into practice during the same visit. Your property will be in great condition for presenting to tenants in no time at all!



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Sandra Prentice5 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips That Make Letting Easy