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After Builders Cleaning Services

After Builders Cleaning is often required after any home renovations or refurbishment work. This is due to the excessive build up of dust and dirt that usually occurs. Marks and splashes from things like paint and plaster are also common after works are complete. Other things left behind after building works can also include:

  • Footprints on floors
  • Fingerprints on glass
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Protective covers

These should all be removed from windows, floors, units, tiles, sinks, bathtubs and other areas. Only then can the new home be enjoyed to it’s full potential!

Likewise, new build properties and refurbished shops require a high level of cleaning before they are ready for the new occupants.

Help is at hand with Crystal Broom’s after builders cleaning services. At Crystal Broom we provide premium after builders cleans at affordable prices.

Benefits of After Builders Cleaning Services

Avoid the unpleasant task of cleaning up after repairs or building work.

Relax in a fresh and dust-free home without any added hassle or stress.

Impress clients by handing over new builds and large scale projects in the best possible condition.

Our after builders cleaners are fast and efficient to help the smooth running of your building work.

Free up your time to focus on other areas of your build. Or simply to enjoy your new surroundings!

Why Choose After Builders Cleaning Services from Crystal Broom?

Our experienced after builders cleaners follow a thorough cleaning process.

Our tried and tested process ensures attention to detail. This high standard of cleaning leaves the property sparkling clean.

We offer flexible working hours to fit in with busy schedules. Services can all be tailored to suit customer needs and budgets.

All your post building cleaning needs catered for at short notice.

We provide after builders cleaning services across Glasgow and the Lanarkshire area.

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After Builders Cleaning Services Checklist

Our after builders cleaning typically involves the following:

  • Remove splashes of paint, plaster, filler and cement etc. from floors, walls, windows, doors, tiles and units
  • Wipe dust, dirt and debris from all surfaces
  • Take off labels from sinks, toilets, windows, appliances and units
  • Remove packaging and protective covers
  • All floors hoovered, swept or mopped as required
  • Wipe down doors & skirting’s
  • Toilets, wash basins, bath tubs /showers & shower doors all cleaned
  • Outside of kitchen appliances
  • Wipe down kitchen units (inside and out)
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiles wiped
  • Switches & sockets
  • Window frames and windows
  • Window sills
  • Front & Rear Doors
Clean Bathroom After Builders Cleaning

Our cleaning can be tailored to suit your needs as each home is different.

Additional services such as carpet cleaning can also be provided.

Renovation work caused a mess in communal stairwell?

If your building work has left behind dust and debris in areas shared with your neighbours, then our Communal Stair Cleaning Services may be just the answer!

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